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Drug rehab centers in California

Drug rehab centers in California

Drug rehab centers in California

When you are finally ready to make the move to find addiction treatment for you or a loved one, there are so many things to think about. Finding the right facility is key. A warm climate could be ideal as it provides a soothing atmosphere for fighting addiction. That’s why California may be a good place to consider for recovery. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top drug rehab centers in California in the hopes that this might make choosing a recovery destination easier for you.

Journey Malibu:

Located right off the soothing shores of Malibu Beach, Journey Malibu offers a warm, healing environment for drug and alcohol treatment. Here is what you can expect if you chose this facility for your addiction treatment.
24/7 Hotline: Journey Malibu has a live counselor waiting 24/7, whenever you are ready to make that call.
Staff: The staff at Journey Malibu offers a wide range of specialists that can see to their patients every need. These include therapists, psychologists, client advocates, hypnotherapists and acupuncturists.
Atmosphere: Journey Malibu offers beautifully tended, luxurious grounds and buildings located in the canyons of Malibu. They boast a Mediterranean environment to promote health and personal growth. Treatment is private and confidential.
Treatment: Journey Malibu offers a holistic approach to healing, incorporating both mind and spirit into the rehabilitation process, integrating yoga, acupuncture and hypnotherapy. They also base treatment on dual diagnosis, addressing not just the addiction, but it’s cause. Each patient will receive a plan tailored to their needs.
Insurance: Journey Malibu accepts many insurance plans. See web site for details.

Hoag Treatment Center:

Located in Irvine, CA Hoag Treatment Center is a rehabilitation facility accredited with the Hoag Neurosciences Institute. They offer a team of highly trained professionals to help you through your addiction. Here is more of what you can expect for the Hoag Treatment Center.
24/7 Hotline: Hoag offers a round the clock hotline that you can call for a confidential assessment.
Staff: The programs Hoag offers are supervised by a highly-trained staff that is available to patients at all hours of the day. Hoag believes that the access afforded to the patients is what sets them apart.
Atmosphere: Hoag offers a clean facility with plenty of outdoor lounging areas and well-manicured grounds.
Treatment: Hoag uses many evidence based addiction treatments to meet the needs of their patients. The believe that each patient should be assessed individually before deciding which plan is best for them.
Insurance: Hoag accepts many kinds of insurance. See web site for details.

The Hills:

Located in Los Angeles, CA, The Hills boasts a unique experience for therapeutic drug and alcohol rehabilitation. They are a CARF accredited program and part of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Read on to find out what The Hills has to offer.
24/7 Hotline: The Hills offers a 24/7 hotline so they are always ready to help those in need.
Staff: Their staff includes a variety of therapists and medical professionals all there to assist with the various needs of addiction. They understand the importance of confidentiality in the recovery process.
Atmosphere: The Hills is a luxury facility that features clean, comfortable rooms and recreation areas overlooking amazing Los Angeles views. The facility is located on a private gate road and maintains three separate, fully staffed houses.
Treatment: Every patient receives an individualized, highly researched treatment plan. The facility relies on dual diagnosis, treating both the addiction and the mental illness that may lie behind the addiction. They offer individual and group therapy as well as education services and medication support.
Insurance: The Hills accepts a variety of insurance plans. They offer an online service so you can verify insurance before going into treatment.

Finding the right rehabilitation facility is a very personal choice and it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Those looking for the rehab center to suit their needs might consider the types of treatments offered as well as the atmosphere that they feel is best for their detoxification. Of course, insurance is a big consideration, so it is important to verify that a facility accepts your insurance before starting on the admissions process. Good luck in your addiction treatment and finding the home that is best for you!